Our Values

Since the beginning, we have been driven by a purpose and guided by the values we hold dear. Across our entire organization, regardless of role, everyone at Mercury DMC is committed to making moments that matter.

+300 convention Equipment in a stock
+600 events every year
+40,000 travel arrangements every year
2006 year started
12 regions presence all over Uzbekistan
+70 full-time Professionals
Quick Facts

As we see worldwide growth in every event, from corporate exhibitions to festivals, the need for high-quality and bespoke event management becomes more critical.

Mercury DMC strives to offer the best event management service available. We do this by building solid relationships with all our clients, giving comfort in knowing that every event is as unique to us as it is to you.

With a strong team of professionals and dedicated employees, an extensive knowledge base of the event industry, and with a ten years of experience in the hospitality, catering, event, and travel management business, Mercury DMC makes every job a success no matter what size every client.

Who We Serve