Covid 19 Donations to Uzbekistan



Covid 19 Donations to Uzbekistan by International Organizations
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In light of the country's preparations for introducing the COVID-19 vaccine, our long-term customers, with the assistance of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), requested us to arrange a handover of COVID-19 donations to Uzbekistan. During the six months, we were tasked to organize a series of events, including hand over 300 medically equipped minibuses and trucks, almost 7 million doses of vaccines including Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca, arrangement of over 100 training for medical personnel in all regions of Uzbekistan.


• Design of the Event and its production

• Transportation, accommodation of the Participants

• Coffee Breaks, Lunches, and Dinner arrangements

• Hand Over of donations

• Training and Seminars

• Adopted an all-in-one event management solution

• in-person and virtual sessions

• Health Safety Measures


We worked closely with International Organizations, donors, and Government Authorities to formulate a health and safety plan, ensuring updated everyone on all local protocols and requirements. The team also incorporated best practices and key learnings from previous events, such as the importance of early and detailed communication.

In the early stage, the training for the medical staff was arranged online as the country was shut down, but over time we learned how to create offline trainings as it was a more effective way to accomplish the task. We have to cover all regions of Uzbekistan, including small and big cities and even the villages. The transportation of the medical staff from the long-stay villages was a real challenge. We arranged some parts of the events virtually, which faced us with internet connectivity issues. Hundreds of laptops and tablets were used for this trainings. At the same time, we have arranged up to 20 offline training in different cities of Uzbekistan.

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