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Hoteliers Association of Uzbekistan joins 1,200 hotels located in the country. The main task of the Association is to resolve issues in the hotel industry.

The Hotel Business Forum - 2021 aims to discuss critical issues that overcome the coronavirus pandemic. The Event was supported by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism. Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan H.E. Aziz Abduhakimmov and Regional Director of UNWTO Alessandra Priante attended this meeting as VIP guests.

The Event was held in March 2021 at the "Hyatt Regency Tashkent" Hotel. The Event gathered 200 participants in person and joined 12 regions over the zoom with 500 participants in Total. During the Forum it an exhibition was arranged, where the Hotel suppliers exhibited their New Safety Products. The Hoteliers Association looked to Mercury DMC to manage a seamless event and help the organizers navigate this new health and safety territory to ensure peace of mind for all participants.


• Health Safety Measures

• Combine Hotel Business Forum and Hotel Suppliers Exhibition

• Online registration of the participants

• Create a website for the Event

• Speaker Engagement, Invite speakers and international experts in the Hotel Industry


Our team has to focus on the safety measure of the participants. Our task was to arrange a creative atmosphere that combined Safety Measures, Hotel Business Forum, and Exhibition of the Hotel Suppliers.

Beyond producing the Event, we worked closely with an invitation and online registration of the participants, Speaker and Expert engagement, invitation of Mass Media. Alongside we have created Event Design and implemented its audiovisual production.

• Coffee Breaks and Lunch arrangements

• Speaker Engagement and Moderation of the Event

• Attendee invitation and online registration of the participants

• Zoom connections with 12 Regions of Uzbekistan and overseas participants and speakers connections

• Adopted an all-in-one event management solution